Watch some brandnew Italian videolessons on youtube:

Italian Essere and Avere Present Tense & Italian Medieval Contests

Italian Present Tense & Wonderful Italian Cities

Learn Italian Vocabulary with Bicycle Thieves

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Italian Present Tense and Wonderful Italian Cities

Italian verbs Essere and Avere Present Tense and Medieval Contests

Learn Italian Vocabulary with Bicycle Thieves



 Accurate tutoring and affordable prices at all levels!

Tutor available 

Are you writing a thesis or any summative task on the Italian language, literature or history? I gladly offer you my detailed advice. Get in contact for  more details. Affordable prices.


Whether you need to learn Italian for any academic or professional pursuit or simply because you like it,
we’ll surely find the type of tutoring
that best suits you!   

Price may vary from 10 to 15 euros per hour.
Group tutoring available. 

Lessons delivered either on Skype or or Preply.
No need for boring applications, loggins and handouts downloading

Write to: gianfrancostrazzanti@gmail.com

00393382558335 (dall’Italia) 

Find me on Facebook/Linkedin: Gianfranco Strazzanti

Whatsapp 0035677229142

Impara l’italiano online!



 Accurate tutoring and affordable prices at all levels!  

Wide range of plans to choose from:

  • Conversation
  • Basic grammar
  • Advanced
  • Help for university projects
  • Focused on writing skills and syntax
  • Focused on understanding skills
  • Focused on speaking skills
  • Focused on listening skills

The tutor will help you learn faster and better and provide you with accurate notes and exercises

Write to: gianfrancostrazzanti@gmail.com 

Una lingua è un fiume mutevole, vivo di memoria e di significati mai esauriti

A language is like a living river, everchanging, made of memory and never exhausted meanings 

Lo studio di una lingua straniera segue spesso il binario dell’apprendimento di regole grammaticali da applicare su esercizi sparsi e privi di un filo narrativo.

Questo tipo di approccio non aiuta affatto la comprensione della nuova lingua, qualunque essa sia…

In order to learn a new language, most people often follow the usual grammar rules track and later attempt to make use of them on some  random exercises. 

Such an approach does not help at all, whichever is the language to be learned…

Su italianlessonsmalta puoi fare i tuoi primi passi per imparare l’italiano attraverso l’inglese. Contenuti grammaticali sono inclusi qui e là, ma la maggior parte del materiale pubblicato su questo sito tende a mostrare cos’è l’italiano in modo creativo; infatti ci si può spesso imbattere in testi di canzoni, poesie, racconti più o meno noti e tradotti in inglese… quindi se il tuo scopo principale è quello di apprendere l’italiano come una lingua viva e non tramite noiose istruzioni, allora questo può essere un bel sito al quale tornare ogni volta ti sia necessario.

On italianlessonsmalta you can go your first steps to learning Italian language through English. Grammatical contents are here and there included, but most material featured on this website aims at showing what Italian sounds like in a creative way:  song lyrics, poems, tales in Italian translated into English can be found every now and then… so whether your main purpose is to learn Italian as a living language and not by boring instructions, you just found a helpful website. 



00393382558335 (Dall’Italia) 

Whatsapp 0035677229142

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